Friday, 8 March 2019

Reliance Jio Latest Offers, JIO Summer Special Offer

After extending the date of Jio Prime Member subscription, Jio had provided its customer with a new offer. In the new offer the people who had recharged for rs.3o3 and above would get 3 months of free data, but looks like the other telecom operators are not happy with it and have filed a complaint to TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) against the company. Well it is certainly a bad news for all the Jio customers as they were very happy with the Summer Surprise offer but who have already recharged with rs.303 do not have to worry because they will able to avail the free services till June 30th. It was a rumour until yesterday, but Jio has released an official notice today saying that it is taking back its Summer Surprise offer.

Summer surprise offer had intentions of providing its customers with free data for three months. The offer was announced on March 31st and had people jumping with excitement. Soon after the news broke out Jio was supported by its customers. It's heard that Jio wanted to benefit its customers with free data for the next three months but it was compelled by TRAI and other telecom operators to take back its offer. Jio has accepted the order by TRAI and released the notice saying that, the customers who have already recharged with rs.303 and above will continue to get the benefits of Summer

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise offer

The other telecom operators in the market were highly against the offer and protested against it hence, the result. The company was forced to take back its offer on the basis of its expiry of the date of providing free services and that it has extended its date which was against the set rules by TRAI.
Jio has already gained a massive number of customers and still increasing.The company also claims that Jio will be able to have around 10 crore of customers till 15th of April.

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