Friday, 8 March 2019

Ram Navami 2019 Festival

When is Rama Navami in 2019?

This year, 2017, the festive day of Rama Navami, the ninth day as of the Navratri, will be celebrated on the fifth of April, Wednesday. It is the day when Lord Rama was born. He was the seventh incarnation or roop Lord Vishnu and was raised as the son of King Dasharatha and his wife Kausalya in Ayodhya as a Prince. This is also a reason why Ayodhya is the most reckoned place in the celebration of Rama Navami; Puducherry as well. since both the places have a mention in epic-text of Ramayana.

The Importance of Ram Navami Day:

It is perhaps one of the most devout festival for Hindu devotees. For the worshipers of Lord Rama, nothing is more divine than a wholehearted puja or a recitation of the epic Ramayana on this day. For Lord Rama you see, has been regarded as the most ideal and flawless form of an extraordinary soul in a common human body. Lord Rama it is said were compassionate, kind, generous and humble despite the power that he held. Not to mention that his appearance was looked upon as beautiful and charming as per the texts.

The worshipers try and seek this sought after idealism in the world that we now regard as the one going through Kalyug. Unlike the counterpart Ravana, who turned to arrogance and kindled hatred, eventually misusing his powers and being killed thereafter, Lord Rama showed us the way to glory with love and compassion, also blending with the efforts to take the cruel by bravery and force. Lord Rama's true gentlemanship earned him even the respect and support of animals who then bolstered to help.

In the remembrance of this God, who was unlike many other Gods, quite humanly, people celebrate Rama Navami, and in quite vibrancy too.

How is Ram Navami celebrated?

We the Indians have almost no curb unto where the variations of our celebration stops. And it is like a pratha that has been followed for the last many years. So here are the ways how people celebrate Rama Navami.
  • Engaging in a vrata or fast. This is to portray the will power and the sense of longing for self-discipline in human beings, as Lord Rama had.
  • People recite Ramayana or listen to its recitation either at home, on radios or by socially attending the temples where it is celebrated with exuberance and sound.
  • One can fare in bhajans and kirtans and organising a Rudra Abhishek ceremony at their homes to have them blessed and honor the name of Lord Rama.

Happy Rama Navami to you!

May this end of Navratri bring about positive and great changes in your life and unfurl to you the compassion and wisdom needed to seek out the betterment in people and society. For the part of Lord Rama is very much instilled in the heart of every other person; only that it is hidden. So may it come out and bring the best out of you. A happy and spiritual Rama Navami to all of you! My friends. 

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