Friday, 8 March 2019

Malala Yousafzai: The Youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace, Deserving or not?

The Secretary General of UN: Antonio Guterres announced that Malala Yousafzai is appointed as the new Messenger of UN Peace and is the youngest ever to have been, We all know Malala, I suppose, her bravery and audacity towards women's right to education earned her a Noble Peace Prize and was also infamously shot in the forehead when she was 15. Yes, she did deserve all the fame of the world for the act, however now, it all seems a hyperbole.

There are many humanity driven stories around the world unrecognized yet, and we have a number of reasons as of why her fame is being a bit exaggerated. It is debatable too, whether she deserves to be the messenger of UN Peace (the youngest ever) or was it just a publicity stunt as there was no other famous name to be on the board. So here we could discuss whether it was a great decision or not. It won't affect much if it was not, still everything must happen for a reason.

Why she did not thoroughly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize in the first place-

1. The Father of Malala Yousafzai: Ziauddin Yousafzai

There have been debates around the world among the people who had studied the situation meticulously and most of them seek the answer of a single question "Ziauddin was the real hero, did he not deserve more credit than Malala?" He did, Supposing that Malala wasn't shot, she certainly would have not become as famous as she is now. Now she wasn't the only one who was attending the girl's school, wasn't she? However, many others of those did not live to be recognized. Coming back to the point, it was actually her father who did the fighting, Why? see-
  • When the Taliban's had attacked, Her father was the first one to initiate the fight against them. And he fought fearlessly for the sake of her daughter and daughters(other girls of school)
  • She was instructed by her father on every step.
  • She went to school on Zia Uddin's wish and wasn't the alone girl student there.

2. A Hero Unsung: Waleed Khan

Not many have heard of this young boy who was the first one to halt the Taliban's when they entered the school and started to terrorize, In the scene he was shot eight times and yet, the brave boy survived. However that is not the main point. The fact that he decided to stay, and study in the same school despite all that ordeal whereas Malala rushed to living in the United Kingdom and never returned to Pakistan forth the attacks. Waleed aspires to join the army and serve the nation. There hasn't been much spoken about Pakistan by Malala Since. Waleed's name went obscure, exactly why?

3. Not the only one

There were a lot of students who were brave. A lot of students who stood against terrorism. But mostly none of them were given any recognition. Malala got it, and is sung upon since. No disrespect to her, anyway, she being a courageous lady fought against injustice. However the biggest point is that she was not the only one. Her winning of Nobel Peace Prize and standing among the fame level of People like Martin Luther King Junior, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela seems a poor idea. Their contribution to justice and social being was incredible and Malala's doesn't compete.

She is living in UK on great money where many of her fellows( brave) are or may still at Pakistan studying, unrecognized and unthanked. Her contribution was great no doubt, but not the greatest. Now the assignment to the Messengership of UN Peace looks like an overrated decision.

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