Friday, 8 March 2019

Google Play Music My Experience on Google Play Music Reviews

Google Play Music finally launches all of its services in India. The services were launched earlier today and it is a good news for all as the subscription price is way less than Apple Music, Wynk or other music streaming applications currently available in India. We'll tell you all about the services launched by Google Play Music.

About Google Play Music

To let you know, Google Play Music was launched in the previous year in India. Earlier on Google Play Music you could listen to your music stored on your SD cards and on your smartphones storage space. With that, to listen to the latest songs released by your favourite artist you had to buy it which cost you Rs.15 per song and Rs.100 or more for full album. Google Play Music is available on Android, iOS , web and all the other platforms.

With the services being launched the feature of buying the songs or albums remains the same, but now you can stream the music from all the local, national and international artists online like other online music streaming applications available on Google Play Store and other app stores such as Apple Music, Wynk, Gaana and Saavan. You can listen and discover new music online, download them  for listening to them offline on cloud storage after subscription because cloud storage is giving you a storage of 50,000 songs. Google Play Music services is free for  a month and after that the users can decide if they want to subscribe to the services. For subscription the users will  be required to pay rs.89 for one month subscription which is way less than any other online music streaming app.

Google Play Music will be giving a tough competition to Apple Music with its low subscription fees. To avail the services offered, you must sign in with your google account within 45 days. Google Play Music services claims that the music can streamed with minimal consumption of data.

My Experience on Google Play Music

After I got the news of being the services launched, I instantly grabbed my smartphone and went on to check the services. I found my Google Play Music's interface very bright, popping and colourful. There are playlist made for the users according to their choice in music and the different playlists made for the users to discover new music are Popular Hits, Wedding Celebrations, Commuting, Working out, College Jukebox, Cleaning the house.

The playlists are strategically made and are different than the playlist on other music streaming apps with eye-catching symbols and unique names.

In the next section the music that you've recently listened  to appears both from your offline songs and the ones which you have streamed online.

Then there's a section where the music from undiscovered artists is recommended for the user based on interests, favourite genre and similar music. The Top Charts section is filled with local music and national music.

Overall Google Play Services is highly satisfactory as you get to discover and listen to new music without additional costs. It has an easy interface and users can easily access the music online as well as offline.

I suggest you should go and check out the free services and avail them right now because who would wanna miss the free services?

And being Indian we never miss out on free services! No offence to anybody reading this, it was just pun intended.

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